Uber Safety

uber safetySometimes simplicity in an article is the best way to go, especially when talking about women’s Uber safety or any travel safety protocol. I read an article with Uber safety tips. The article I saw summed up a really critical thing you need to do to stay safe. It said:

Verify the car and the identity of the driver before getting in

This is an understatement. Look up the term Uber and add sexual assault in a Google search. You will be shocked at how many incidents there are. The reason this is so is because there are no background checks for the drivers. So ANYONE can register their car and come pick ANYONE up even if they are:

  • Convicts
  • Convicted sex offenders
  • Human Traffickers
  • Drug Traffickers
  • Thieves
  • Muggers

As outlandish as this might seem Uber and Lyft offer the one thing that all crime predicates on, which is opportunity. They bring victims to them, in their car, in a neat simple platform without the fuss of stalking, luring, stop signor abducting victims. The pool of available targets and prey come to them. As sick as that they may sound do the research for yourself. It will surprise you. Back to once the door closes.

Once The Uber Door Closes

The minute that door closes and locks you are at the mercy of the driver and whoever vetted the driver to make sure they were not a sex predator. Since they are not vetted it is too late. Now it is between you, the assailant and any weapons or training you have had.

Check The Background

Since there is no value you can put on your life, choose a limo, transport,taxi, or executive travel service where every driver:

  • Has a background check
  • Is known on a first name basis with management
  • Is well dressed and professional
  • Works for a company where you can directly call the owner

In the long run it is cheaper and safer. Superior Executive Transportation does everything you read above.

Contact us for safe executive travel. When the door closes you know what you are getting into. Remember our motto:

Don’t think and drive..you think, we will drive