Womens Safety: Uber Bans?

It makes me uneasy to think that women’s safety is as important part of airport visits, hotel stays,rideshares or taxi travel as planning your actual vacation. Unfortunately that is the case. A lot of safety issues have been focused on rideshare programs like Uber, which remains a subject of controversy and success.

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Uber Financial Success

On the one hand Uber has been phenomenally successful financially with a creative app driven business giving many people a chance to both work and use transportation other than the old yellow taxi. But all things have their challenges.

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Uber Travel Safety

We have mentioned many times that there are safety concerns with rideshare programs of which Uber is the biggest. I am basing this just on what I see reported. Yes there are good Uber drivers as well as bad, but many of the problems are fixable or at least addressable.

Uber Risk

Uber risk, as I call it, has been addressed in some cities and countries. I saw an article that mentioned they were banned in some cities. But as I read further many of the cities really did not ban them, they just wanted more transparency in driver backgrounds which is the same legal standard as taxis.

Here is the link to the article about the Uber bans

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Safe Airport and Taxi Travel In Virginia Beach

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Womens Safety With Transportation Services, Uber, Lyft, or Taxi’s

uber riskFor women, the decision of how you get to and from locations is as important to their safety as where you are going or who you are going to see. Most people never give transportation services a second thought when it comes to safety. if you are a woman or woman executive you cannot afford not to.

The numbers for unsafe Uber rides for women speak for themselves.  I will just pull a few incidents and link it to the source.

The Message..

The message is you cannot take it for granted that an unknown driver does not want to harm you. What is the screening process for these makeshift transportation services? The number of incidents isn’t a low number. It is not isolated and it is not abating. Just do a query in Google. Put in “sexual assault” and the name of the transportation company and look out.

Women’s Uber Safety in Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads

For most of us you say the term women safety and most people will not think driving is an area where women are heavy targets of assault, rape, and other violent acts.

In fact I would go as far to say that the occurrence of violence is epidemic and the number of incidents is increasing by the day.  It is an expected risk for female  executives who take a ride in these vehicles. Don’t take my word for it. See for yourself how dangerous it is to ride with an Uber, Lyft other taxi style service by checking the news.

Are Uber or Makeshift Taxi Services Magnets for Predators Against Women?

In fact it could be a strong argument made that Uber style transportation services are a magnet for sexual predators. Sadistic as it might seem, it doesn’t make sense for these kind of people to find a place where they’re going to have women alone and under their control. As you can see we have a serious situation.

Protecting Yourself As A Female transportation logo hampton roadsPassenger in Norfolk And Virginia Beach

Protecting yourself on the road as a female passenger, female executive, or female corporate executive is of the utmost importance. Before you even consider getting in the vehicle with any driver I would make sure I had the answers to these questions, which could very well spell the difference between life and death.

  • Have all the drivers had background checks?
  • If there’s trouble who do I report to?
  • Are there any incidents with your transportation or limousine company question?
  • If there is a problem can I deal directly with the owner?
  • Can I see the vehicles before I ever get into them?

No real savings..true cost

In the short run you may save a few dollars with one of these makeshift services but those savings cannot give you back your safety.

Choose The Safe Corporate Transportation And Limousine Choice

Superior Executive Transportation is a group of highly trained, highly disciplined drivers who guarantee safety for women riding to and from their destination. The staff reports directly to the owner. The entire fleet is listed online as well.

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